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AirLink® MP70 LTE-A router with AirLink Mobility Manager now supports vehicle telemetry, inertial navigation and driver behavior reporting to improve fleet operations and vehicle maintenance

ImageSierra Wireless announced that its industry-leading AirLink® MP70 LTE-Advanced vehicle routers now support the most advanced, integrated vehicle telemetry, inertial navigation (dead reckoning), and driver behavior features to improve fleet operations and vehicle maintenance.

“Organizations can now monitor all their critical vehicle data and manage their entire fleet through a single pane of glass with our AirLink router and management systems,” said Jason Krause, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Enterprise Solutions, Sierra Wireless. “No other router solution in this class can deliver this level of vehicle awareness and connectivity to fleet and IT managers.”

The MP70 router is optimized for the world’s most demanding wireless applications, including public safety, field services and transit. The MP70 provides a high-performance vehicle networking solution to connect multiple high-bandwidth applications in and around the vehicle, while also providing IT departments with the flexibility to manage mobile assets in the cloud or in the enterprise data center using Sierra Wireless AirLink Network Management solutions.

“We’re testing this capability now, and it is going to give our fleet manager all of the information he needs to proactively support our vehicles,” said Jay Cooper, Director Ancillary Services, Mobile Medical Response. “With Sierra Wireless’ AirLink solution, I don’t have to invest an extra $200 - $400 per vehicle in separate systems to provide vehicle telemetry, inertial navigation and driver behavior reporting. It’s all supported on the router, and the data is instantly accessible in the management system.”

With the upcoming software release (ALEOS 4.9.0), the MP70 will support an integrated vehicle bus interface using a direct cable connection (OBD-II and J1939), so customers no longer need to buy external dongles or scanners to monitor vehicle health. The new release also enables built-in sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) for inertial navigation to provide precise geo-location capabilities, even in urban canyons and underground garages where satellites can’t be seen. The built-in sensors also provide the ability to monitor driver behavior, including harsh acceleration and braking.

The MP70 seamlessly integrates out of the box with the AirLink Mobility Manager (AMM)—an end-to-end network management solution that enables instant network insight and control for centralized and remote management, monitoring and configuration. AMM is available as a cloud service or as an on-premise solution. With the release of AMM 2.16 on Sept. 15, 2017, AMM now integrates telemetry features across the AirLink in-vehicle product line.

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