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Industrial-grade USB Hubs

The UPort 200 and 400 USB hub series are industrial-grade USB 2.0 hubs that expand a single USB port to 4 or 7 USB ports, respectively. The USB hubs provide true Hi-Speed USB 2.0 with 480 Mbps data transmission for every port—even heavy-load applications. In addition, Moxa´s UPort® USB hubs are USB-IF certified and fully compliant with the USB Plug and Play specifications. In order to avoid serious damage, Moxa´s UPort® 400 USB hubs provide ESD level 4 protection, which increase the quality and value of the user´s end-product.
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 MOXA UPort 204 / UPort 207

MOXA UPort 204 / UPort 207

4 and 7-port entry-level USB hubs

 MOXA UPort 404 / UPort 407

MOXA UPort 404 / UPort 407

MOXA UPort 404, UPort 407

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