Sierra Wireless Raven XE

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Sierra Wireless Raven XE


Product is End of Life : 2017-12-06
Intelligent 3G Gateway



The Sierra Wireless AirLink Raven XE is a compact Ethernet Gateway for broadband data access on 3G networks. The Raven XE is powered by ALEOS™ embedded intelligence and managed by ACEware™, which together drastically reduce total cost of ownership by reducing field visits to remote equipment.

The Raven XE is an ideal, affordable solution for various commercial applications, such as Retail/POS and ATMs, Digital Signage and CCTV and general wireless internet connectivity.

Embedded IPSec VPN and an easy to use interface with various levels of security to ensure your data is safe from unauthorized access. These features enable the Raven XE to be part of a PCI compliant solution for payment applications.


Further Information

Key Benefits
Session persistence for 24/7 operation in unmanned environments
Remote management minimizes field visits and lowers cost of ownership
Data security for piece of mind
Security features enable the Raven XE to be a component of any PCI compliant solution
Eliminates the need for inconvenient and costly wireline connection
Easily portable for temporary installations
Mini-USB increases flexibility
Small form factor eases integration into existing enclosures
Machine protocols enable integration with legacy equipment


PDF description Datasheet Raven XE (297.4 kB)

PDF description Sierra Wireless Produktübersicht (688.5 kB)

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