NetModule NB2710 MultiVehicle

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NetModule NB2710 MultiVehicle

E-Mark Certified Router for Multiple 4G and WiFi 802.11abgn Links



The NB2710 is designed for public transportation companies that want a smart vehicle gateway for the transmission of operational data of all kind of applications including passenger information systems, CCTV, passenger counting, electronic ticketing and others. Another major application area is providing WLAN for passengers.

Users can connect their notebooks, smart phones or any types of WLAN clients to the NB2710. Depending on the router configuration and the user authentication and authorisation state, the traffic will be forwarded to a captive portal, the Internet or a private network.

Multiple wireless uplinks links can be used for load balancing or for seamless switch-over using the Mobile IP protocol.

Furthermore this router may include a CAN or audio line in/out interface which can be controlled via software in the SDK environment. An optional IBIS interface operating as a gateway between IBIS and IBIS-IP is planned.

The RS-232 serial interface can act as serial device server or system console. Legacy equipment that does not have any Ethernet or USB port can be hooked up this way. Furthermore, the serial line can be assigned to the SDK and be controlled from there.

The NB2710 has two isolated binary inputs and two relay outputs for direct connection of sensors and actuators. The logic for the inputs/outputs is implemented by the user in the SDK environment on the router.

The USB port enables configuration and firmware update from memory stick. You may also configure it as a device server. Please ask for support of your special USB device.

The router firmware supports common VPN technologies such as IPsec and OpenVPN in both, server and client mode. Simplified handling of a Public Key Infrastructure lets the user securely connect two NB2710 through a VPN tunnel without knowledge about cryptography.

The router is qualified to operate within an extended temperature range. Due to its special vibration and shock hardening, the device is an ideal solution for applications in harsh environments. Thanks to the E1 automotive certification, it may be integrated in new vehicles at production time.

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PDF description NetModule NB2710 MultiVehicle Outline Drawings (58.4 kB)

PDF description NetModule NB2710 MultiVehicle Datasheet (260.7 kB)

PDF description NetModule NB2710 MultiVehicle Datasheet (DE) (261.2 kB)

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