NetModule NB3711 MultiRail+

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NetModule NB3711 MultiRail+


High-Performance EN50155 Router for Multiple LTE and WiFi 802.11ac Links



The NB3711 MultiRail+ with enhanced performance wireless Internet access for applications like passenger WiFi & information and condition monitoring. Numerous additional communication interfaces guarantee an excellent interaction with onboard electronics.

With up to three UMTS/LTE modules, two WiFi modules or a GSM-R module, the NB3711 is perfectly well suited for train-to-ground communication. The preinstalled WAN link manager software automatically bundles individual communication links based on their current network availability and priority. In combination with the quad SIM feature, the total bandwidth and the connection availability can be maximized.

The in-vehicle WiFi coverage is enhanced by providing up to two WiFi access points with latest IEEE 802.11ac standard and 2x2MIMO beam forming technology.

A port-based subnet feature separates different application networks, thus avoiding interferences and guarantees dedicated communication paths. Quality of Service support allows prioritizing the traffic to avoid that less important tasks are blocking high priority data, e.g. SIP for voice communication.

To integrate with onboard electronics, the router is extendable by optional modules for CAN, RS-485, RS-232, Audio Line In/Out, IBIS interfaces or a GNSS receiver with dead reckoning.

The software is based on well proven components including an embedded Linux operating system and a powerful communication protocol suite. The device is managed via web browser, command line interpreter or SNMP. Self-provisioning for new software or new configuration is possible. The device can be configured remotely by customer programs via a powerful application interface. Customer specific software extensions may be developed via a sophisticated SDK.

An optional power supply model can be chosen to support the nominal input voltages 72VDC, 96VDC and 110VDC according to EN 50155.

The router is qualified for operating under harsh environmental conditions defined by EN 50155 and fulfills fire safety requirements by EN 45545. The fanless and ruggedized design with an MTBF up to 296’000h guarantees a maintenance free operation.



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Order Numbers (contact us for more models, options or project specific adaptations)
NB3711-LWacA-GV LTE, WLAN-ac Router + Audio + GPS + Voice
NB3711-LWacC-G LTE, WLAN-ac Router + CAN + GPS
NB3711-LWacDa-G LTE, WLAN-ac Router + 32GB Flash + GPS
NB3711-2LWac-G Dual-LTE, WLAN-ac Router + GPS
NB3711-2LWacPb-G Dual-LTE, WLAN-ac Router + 70, 96, 110V PSE + GPS


PDF description NetModule NB3711 MultiRail+ Datasheet (647.1 kB)

PDF description NetModule NB3711 MultiRail+ Datasheet (DE) (647.7 kB)

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