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Vertical Market: Industrial

 A truly total solution for Factory Automation


In order to optimize manufacturing management, manufacturers need visibility to accurately control workflow information.

 About LoRa


"LoRa: Long range, low power wireless platform is the prevailing technology choice for building IoT networks worldwide."

 Advantech Industrial Automation Case Studies


Shipping Authority upgrades its Navigation System with Advantech Network Switches

 An Advanced Monitoring and Control Solution for Continuous Casting Machines in a Steel Factory


With Advantech steel factories can not only improve the manufacturing processes but can also allow users to add additional functions to the existing system so as to make sure the operation runs at high efficiency.



Programmable I/O device server

 Benefits abound from Sierra Wireless and BIGmate Monitoring Services partnership for Mining, Transport and Construction Industries


BIGmate is a nationally recognized fleet GPS and asset/vehicle tracking company with global reach based in Mackay, Queensland.

 Cost-effective PC-based robot monitoring and preventive maintenance solution for a high-tech panel manufacturing company


The high-tech manufacturers have to run 24 hours non-stop production and any production line halt will bring a great loss. Therefore, collecting the robot information through sensors and identifying potential problems in advance have become the important parts of the stable production capacity.

 Cost-effective WISE wireless solution for panel makers to quickly establish production line monitoring systems


By reforming its Nanjing factory in China it would act as a demonstration site before copying intelligent applications to other production bases around the world.

 DTC Enterprises


DTC Enterprises Improves Tracking Solutions with AirPrime Modules

 High-Speed Data Acquisition Clutch Performance Test System


A portable and low cost clutch feature analyses system that can be used in real vehicle test environments is essential.

 HMI Total Solution Enables Bus Manufacturers to Realize a Smart Factory


Industry 4.0 is gradually becoming a reality, and manufacturers are actively transforming their production process into intelligent manufacturing systems by leveraging Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT).

 Hope Industrial Systems, Inc.


Hope Industrial sought a KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) extender that would allow the computer to be placed as far away as possible from the industrial monitor.

 Hughes Telematics, Inc. The next generation of connected cars


Global Telematics Service Provider Brings In-Vehicle Services to Customers with Sierra Wireless AirPrime Embedded Modules

 Improving the sampling rate of wafer production data acquisition


Advanced Process Control System (APC) has been used for many years to produce a superior product at a competitive cost.

 Largest Canadian Courier Deploys E-Ship Services Using AirLink® Gateways


From automated solutions to 24 hour pick up and delivery, Purolator provides customers with the services and customized solutions required to get their shipments across town or around the world.

 MapTools BV


Test and Measurement Industry Boosts Efficiencies with Remote Data Acquisition Using Sierra Wireless® AirLink® Gateways - A Sierra Wireless Remote Monitoring Solution

 Media Converters for Every Combination


The comprehensive media converter portfolio for serial, Ethernet, and fiber connections



Adder Extends KVM Functionality in Harsh Industrial Environments

 Multiprotocol Smart I/O


Translate Your I/O into Multiple OT and IT Protocols

 NAVTEQ´s traffic applications


The Traffic Pulse network is the foundation for all of NAVTEQ´s traffic applications.

 PC-based PAC solution for material handling AGV optimization


Widely used across many industries, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) have been scooting around factory floors for decades.

 Seamlessly Integrating SCADA System and MES for Automotive Parts Factory


Advantech provides a complete and integrated solution which comprises a wealth of hardware products and a standardized open platform for System Integrators

 Taking the Risk out of Driving


Sierra Wireless 3G Embedded Modules Help DriveCam Expand its Market

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