Barix Annuncicom 100

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Barix Annuncicom 100

Network intercom and PA component for commercial, industrial and security applications



The Annuncicom 100 is a versatile Audio over IP device designed to serve as a gateway between IP Paging, VoIP and Intercom systems and traditional microphone/speakers or amplifers. Supporting both music (MP3) as well as voice codecs (G.711, uLaw, aLaw) and a large number of protocols (including shoutcast, SIP etc), the device can be used for both background music as well as VoIP applications.

Designed in Switzerland and being used in thousands of mission critical paging and intercom applications, the Barix Annuncicom series is the product of choice for IP based Paging, Intercom and VoIP applications worldwide.


Further Information


Further documentation and software at Barix

SIP RAVA Application

SIP RAVA application has been developed to allow Barix Annuncicom 200 device to operate with Crestron RAVA PTT Touch Panels for door intercom applications.
While the device is operated in full duplex mode, it is recommended to use the Crestron RAVA panels in Halfduplex Push-to-talk to avoid feedback.
The Fimware is provided as binary image to be loaded direct onto the device using the usual WEB update function.

Technical Specifications


Certifications/compliant with


PDF description Barix Annuncicom 100 (439.5 kB)

PDF description Using Crestron Interface with the Annuncicom (540.1 kB)

PDF description sip-2.12d-release-note.pdf (135.5 kB)

PDF description sip-rava_quick_start.pdf (352.5 kB)

PDF description sip-rava_user_manual.pdf (730.2 kB)

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